Citrus Heights Police try new “Trikke” tech to stop crimeSentinel

You may have seen them out on patrol at Sunrise Mall already. They’re the new, three-wheeled “Trikke Patroller” electric units — the latest tech deployed by the Citrus Heights Police Department in an effort to minimize crime at the Mall. The light-weight, collapsible, quiet units are able to go up escalators or down a flight of stairs, and feature California-legal red and blue flashing lights.
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turlockTurlock police patrol busy shopping centers atop Trikkes

During his regular work week, Turlock Police Officer Joe Dusel can be seen patrolling the streets of town atop his motorcycle. On Friday, however, Dusel traded in his usual two-wheeled motorized vehicle for a three-wheeler. Dusel wasn’t off-roading, instead the traffic safety officer was patrolling the parking lots around Monte Vista Crossings shopping center atop one of the police department’s Trikke Carving Vehicles, an electric powered personal transportation device.
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Officer.comDefender – Law Enforcement and Security Patrol Personal Vehicle

Trikke Tech just released its new patrol vehicle the “Defender” – Trikke’s first vehicle designed specifically for Law Enforcement and Security. Earlier models of Trikke patrol vehicles have been successfully deployed by law enforcement agencies since 2010. The new Defender boasts full suspension, a more tactical and rugged frame construction and 50% more power and speed than earlier models.
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abcEssentia’s ‘RoboCop’ Makes Security More Efficient

Essentia Security officers have a new Robocop-style way to patrol the 2.3 million square foot medical campus in downtown Duluth. That’s equal to 50 football fields! This TRIKKE helps security respond to emergency situations faster.
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Trikke’s may be coming to a city near youwis

In cities of every size, new ways to get around are getting harder to miss.
“It’s faster than people realize,” said Donald Allen, a safety ambassador with Columbia Yellow Shirts. “It can turn on a dime.” With a top speed of 25 miles, these flashy motorized Trikke’s are helping some law enforcement and security teams like the Yellow Shirts stay ahead of crime.
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turlockTurlock Police Go Green, Ride Trikkes

Sure, cop cars and police motorcycles exude a certain, unmistakable element of cool.
But these days, being green is just as important as being cool.
The Turlock Police Department took the wraps off four brand-new Trikke EV carving vehicles Thursday, which offer a green, all-electric alternative to the old squad car.
“I don’t know what I’m doing,” shouted one officer as she whizzed through an obstacle course during a Thursday training session. “It’s awesome!”
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Security todayTrikke adds fun to the ASIS 2013

On the morning of September 26, I arrived at the Trikke Tech, Inc. booth on the trade show floor approximately 5 minutes before my scheduled appointment time, and guess who I saw?
Ralph Jensen, editor in chief of Security Products magazine, aka, my boss! He had beaten me to the booth and was already getting on the Trikke EV Patrol, a three-wheeled vehicle for the security guard market.
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Trikke Enters Security Guard Market with Three Wheel 48V Electric Patrol VehicleSecurity today

Trikke Tech, Inc. (Trikke) has recently entered the security guard market with its agile, portable, and stable three-wheeled vehicle, the Trikke EV Patrol.
Responding to customer demand and after having many in-depth conversations with leading security companies about their requirements for a personal patrol vehicle, Trikke recognized that its patrol vehicle is the ideal vehicle for the security guard market.
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AdvocateScooter improves patrols at Acadiana High School

School resource officer foot patrols on the sprawling campus of Acadiana High School are a little easier with a new, three-wheeled vehicle called a Trikke. The Trikke is a compact vehicle, similar to an oversized electric, upright scooter but with three wheels rather than two and two, long foot boards for an officer to stand on as he rides the vehicle.
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Santa Barbara Police to Get Their Ride On with ThreeWheeled ScootersNooszhawk

After testing period, SBPD plans to acquire a fleet from Buellton-based Trikke to patrol downtown, waterfront.
Prepare to see three-wheeling police officers on the streets of Santa Barbara.
After some test runs, the Santa Barbara Police Department has decided to buy electric-powered Trikkes instead of Segways for beat coordinators and officers patrolling the downtown and waterfront corridors.
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Electric Trikke Helps the Security of one of the Largest Hospitals in the Netherlands

The security of the University Medical Center Groningen will soon be seen on a particular vehicle. Electric Trikke will help the security of one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands.
The Electric Trikke is the recently tested by the Security & Access Control department of the University Medical Center Groningen. The security team has successfully completed the test and decided to purchase two vehicles. The Trikke should offer a solution for quick and efficient ride over long distances. With an area of 350,000 m², an electric tool like the Trikke is a luxury especially in case of accidents and emergencies.
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IACP 2009: Best of Show Police law magazine

A new three-wheeled electric-powered vehicle from Trikke (pronounced “trike,” like the standard abbreviation of tricycle) allows an officer to maneuver through a crowd and dismount in a snap if necessary. A cambering device lets the rider move side to side to carve deep turns, which is described as similar to skiing.
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