Gildo Beleski – Chairman and CEO. Engineer in charge of research and development, design, manufacturing and all technical aspects of the product line.
Scott Campf – VP of Sales
Marney Ellenbrook – Corporate Sales and Customer Relations
Anna Maria Vargas – Corporate Sales and Customer Relations
Fred Welch – Director Trikke Academy


Trikke is constantly refining and simplifying to create the best possible user experience. After experimenting with various three-wheeled stand-up designs, Trikke arrived at the current design that has all the right geometry, scale and simply executed engineering to allow for an extremely stable riding machine that is light weight, robust and perfectly suited to the human form. Upon your first ride, you discover how well it interacts intuitively with your natural impulses to move, to turn, to stop.

With Trikke’s patented flexible cambering (leaning) frame, a rider can put himself and the frame where they need to be for maximum comfort, confidence and performance at all speeds. Trikke has integrated a quick and compact folding design and mechanism for ultimate portability. Always looking to simplify construction and engineering, Trikke delivers vehicles with less to go wrong and therefore much easier to maintain.

Patrol Vehicles

Trikke is working closely with members of Law Enforcement and Security communities on all aspects of development of vehicles specified for various patrol needs and is grateful for their advice and support.

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Trikke Defender